Sholo Gutee

An interesting and famous turn based game played in Bangladesh, India, Nepal

Apr 11, 2016

A popular turn based game played in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and some other South East Asian countries. People usually draw mark on the land, table, bench etc. and use any thing like small stone, wood, or even paper as the guti (pawns). It is also an entertainment to the surrounding people.

User can play as single player mode, offline line mode with two players. Two players can also played in online mode via bluetooth or wifi or internet.

A chatbox is embed in the app using which players can communicates with opponents. Players can see their achieved level.

This game requires cool head and brain storming to be winner. You may get some interest.

Visit wikipedia to know more about this game.

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Arabic Calendar

Arabic calendar with English calendar (Georgian)

Jan 31, 2016

Number of days in an Arabic Month is changeable depending on the Moon. So you must have to add or subtract 1 day with the given month-length. From the 'Option/Month Settings' you can change the month-length.

The android version of this app has following features:

- Select your own location in android version. It is also possible to select your Majhab or method to get the prayer time for this version

- There is the holy Quran recitation and an income/expenditure manager as well in android version.

- User can store and keep tracks of different events for every day.

- User can convert different currencies provided by Yahoo. Any combination can be saved for future.

- This calendar application has a feature to keep the personal income and expenditure which can help the users as a moneybag manager.

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Personal Budget Manager

Track your income or expenditure and manage your moneybag

Sep 04, 2016

This application allows user to keep tracks for every single transaction made everyday. It keeps the up-to-date balance information.

User can search any expenditure or income for any item or category. This application can list new item or category based on the user's input. By clicking on the Date, search can be applied for any date range.

Real time currency converter get data from yahoo and converts any currency to any other. User can save/bookmark any conversion settings for future.