Sholo Gutee

Sholo Gutee (Mobile Game) is a popular board game played in Bangladeshi villagers especially in their leisure time. People usually draw mark on the land, table, bench etc. and use any thing like small stone, wood, or even paper as the guti (pawns). It is also an entertainment to the surrounding people.
This game requires cool head and brain storming to be winner. You may get some interest.

To know more about this game you may want to visit the following wikipedia article.
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Personal Budget Manager
This simple application allows user to keep tracks for every single transaction made everyday. It keeps the up-to-date balance information. User can search any expenditure or income for any item or category. This application can list new item or category based on the user's input. By clicking on the Date, search can be applied for any date range.
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Baby Care
Several doctors prescribed on how the new born baby should be cared until she/he starts going to school. Reference of the doctors is also given with their addresses.
Good to know for the newly parents or who are thinking to get baby.
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Songbad Shironam
This application lists the news headlines from different online sources. Users can click on the links of news title to get the full news from the original sources.

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Mutho Barta

This Bangla SMS Software is totally different from other Bangla SMS software. Because even if the recipients don't have the software, message will be received in English(Phonetic) which was sent in Bangla. But if the recipients have the software, message will be shown in Bangla.

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Bangla Calendar

Probably this is the first Bangla Calendar for Mobile. This Bangla Calendar can provide the current Bangla Date as well as its equivalent Georgian(English)Date. You can keep a note on each date. The different consideration for calculating the date such as the rules before 1989 and after that year are also differentiated during the calendar calculation.

Please note that we have followed the rules from Bangladesh for this calendar. So, people from West Bengal, India may find it different than their Bangla calendar.

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Arabic Calendar

Number of days in an Arabic Month is changeable depending on the Moon. So you must have to add or subtract 1 day with the given month-length. From the 'Option/Month Settings' you can change the month-length.

The android version of this app also contains the prayer time. This calendar application has a feature to keep the personal income and expenditure which can help the users as a moneybag manager.
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Multi Calendar
This is an android calendar application that contains multiple calendars such as Georgian (English), Bengali, Arabic, Lunar and Iranian calendar. Two calendars can be visible at the same time, one is Georgian (English) Calendar and other one is selected by the user. This calendar can save the events for each date. There is also option to check the prayer times. User can set the prayer times for their current location.
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Prayer Time

This mobile application will help you by giving the infortion of the start time of each prayer. Here only the Prayer Time of Dhaka City(Bangladesh) has been included for J2ME version. However, you can select your own location in android version. It is also possible to select your Majhab or method to get the prayer time for this version

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Age Calculator

This is just a simple mobile application that can calculate the difference between two given date. You can use it to find your Age.

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Ideal Weight Calculator
This application will help you to know, what should be your perfect weight. The suggestion can be categorized depending on the gender and age of the users. It also has the option to mention the type of the body frame. Since the ideal weight is also depended on the type of body frame, it is important to know about your body frame type. Fortunately, the app will give you the hints to know about your body frame type.
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Word Making Game

A simple word making game that offers maximum eight character length puzzles. Users need to find the most common words in English. Uncommon words are not listed here.
For every puzzle, the number of words are listed according to the words' length. Users can also check the list of the words, which should be discovered.
For every correct word, user get points. The best score achieved in this game is displayed. The best timing for a puzzle is also displayed.

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GRE Mobile Dictionary

This dictionary will help you to take preparation for GRE . More than 4,800 words and their meanings are included here. Both of the Android and J2ME version of this app are available here. There are options to bookmark or keeping the history of learning in the android version.

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