Ideal Weight Calculator

Calculate ideal weight based on the height

Feb 05, 2016

This application will help you to know, what should be your perfect weight. The suggestion can be categorized depending on the gender and age of the users. It also has the option to mention the type of the body frame. Since the ideal weight is also depended on the type of body frame, it is important to know about your body frame type. Fortunately, the app will give you the hints to know about your body frame type.

This app calculates the ideal weight of a person in different formula such as Robinson, Miler, Devine, and Hamwi formula. It also suggests a recommended weight for a person based on the body frame size. The app provides all ideal weight calculation formula which were used.

Here the app considers a person of over 18 or over 18 years old. Moreover, the formula is valid for a person having the height at least 5 feet.