Sherlock Holmes Collection

All books and stories of Sherlock Holmes in Bangla

Feb 20, 2017

A free mobile application to read all the books and stories of Sherlock Holmes written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in Bangla/Bengali. Reader can zoom in or zoom out the text. User can also bookmark the page of any book which is reminded as pop up whenever the book is reopened. Readers are also allowed to send feedback.

The eBooks were collected from different websites which are publicly available. The source of the books are mentioned in every short description of the book.


Bangla Calendar

Bengali calendar along with Georgian (English) calendar

Jan 31, 2016

Mostly followed in Bangladesh, Indian, and Nepal. This Bangla Calendar can provide the current Bangla Date as well as its equivalent Georgian (English) Date. You can keep a note on each date. The different consideration for calculating the date such as the rules before 1989 and after that year are also differentiated during the calendar calculation.

Please note that we have followed the rules from Bangladesh for this calendar. So, people from West Bengal, India may find it different than their Bangla calendar.


Multi Calendar

Multiple calendars in a single app

Feb 14, 2016

This calendar application contains multiple calendars like Georgian, Bengali, Arabic, Lunar and Persian. Two calendars can be visible at the same time, one is Georgian Calendar another one should be selected by the user. This calendar can save the events for each date. Additionally, a money manager is available in the app that helps the user to track and trace their daily income and expenditure.

- To change the secondary calendar, user needs to long press on the title bar of the calendar. Then a pop up appears with the options of different calendars.

- To enter an event for a date, long press on that date


Georgian Calendar

Bangla Calendar

Bengali Calendar

Arabic Calendar

Hijri Calendar

Lunar Calendar

Persian Calendar

Prayer Time

Muslim Prayer Time

Event Calendar

Personal Budget Manage


Prayer Time

Prayer time with Islamic Hijri calendar and Georgian (English) calendar

Feb 01, 2016

Number of days in an Arabic Month is changeable depending on the Moon. So you must have to add or subtract 1 day with the given month-length. From the 'Option/Month Settings' you can change the month-length.

The android version of this app has following features:

- Select your own location in android version. It is also possible to select your Majhab or method to get the prayer time for this version

- There is the holy Quran recitation and an income/expenditure manager as well in android version.

- User can store and keep tracks of different events for every day.

- User can convert different currencies provided by Yahoo. Any combination can be saved for future.

- This calendar application has a feature to keep the personal income and expenditure which can help the users as a moneybag manager.